3D Printer

3D Printer Assembly

Jan 16, 2015

Bought a box of parts and components from the RepRap project as a Christmas gift for myself. It was also meant to be a challenge: with no mechanical engineering background before, I was curious if I'm able to learn additive manufacturing by assembling and making sense of this FDM 3D printer.

It was a lovely winter to hustle over this machine. Thanks to the help from many friends and the school, the printer ended up working!

Besides being a simple, economical and capable model, Prusa i3 is famous for its reproducibility, many parts of it are available online, so replicating itself is a matter of time and material. In that regard, I can claim I have owned a personal "replicator".

following tutorials online to assemble frames
assembled frame: x, y and z axes
Historical moment! First thing came out of extruder
the first thing got printed (messed up while approaching the end)
arduino wiring
fully assembled machine
extruder and hot bed close-up
trial and error to solve edge warping